VOC and Total VOC measurements

These analyses fit in with the framework of validations on car parts (cab) for manufacturers like Volkswagen and PSA to answer to ever more severe legislative requirements.

They are conducted by Gas Chromatography (GC). In principle, the sample is placed in a sealed vial then gently heated in order to partially vaporise the volatile organic compounds it contains. A fraction of these vapours is then separated by Gas Chromatography and quantified using an FID detector or by Mass Spectrometry (MS).

Calibration of the device is performed using standard acetone solutions in butanol. The content of Total Organic Composites (TVOC) is calculated in relation to the mass of the sample and the surface of peaks appearing on the chromatogram.


CETIM-CERMAT offers a whole range of services based on this technique

  • Analysis in accordance with standard PV 3341 (Volkswagen)
  • Analysis in accordance with standard D10 5495 (PSA)
  • Analysis in accordance with standard VDA 278 (Verband Der Automobilindustrie)
  • Analysis in accordance with standard STD 1027,2714 (VOLVO)
  • Study of any other request in accordance with car specifications.

GC / MS Example of chromatogram obtained on a car part

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