Vibration test: Vibration analysis, vibration measurement

When they vibrate, machines can induce disturbances in the environment and cause serious discomfort, not to mention risks of breakage.

Conversely, sensitive machines must be isolated from their environment to be able to operate correctly. In both cases, adequate uncoupling of equipment allows such problems to be overcome.

We intervene right from the design stage for your products up to their final qualification.

vibreur-2Domains of competence

  • Measurement and analysis of vibratory phenomena
  • Experimental modal analysis
  • Vibratory uncoupling of a machine in relation to its environment
  • Stress and load measurement
  • Vibration transmitted towards the environment
  • Industrial structure vibration



Determination of critical frequencies of a structure by modal analysis


amortisseursOur equipment

  • Different accelerometers of various sizes and sensitivity
  • 16-channel portable digital recorder
  • Advanced spectrum analyser with envelope detector
  • Impact hammer
  • Stroboscope




Analysis of suspension spring damping

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