essai vibratoire sur panneau de porte VW GOLF VIHowever, the need for dynamic vibration tests is currently growing in all sectors of the industry. For example, it could be as simple as in the shipping of the parts themselves (see shipping simulation tests), or that they may be assembled onto machinery or equipment located in vibration environments (consumer electronics, industrial equipment, engine components, auto body parts ...).

 Vibration test on a VW Golf VI door panel



During the last ten years, Cetim-Cermat has partnered with both, big and small (SME), enterprises in the industry to offer benefits, characterization and advice in the different fields of vibration testing:

Essai vibratoire sur standards téléphoniques

  • Endurance tests with sinusoidal vibration, random and sine-on-Random,
  • Fatigue testing followed by resonance measurement,
  • Testing PVT (pressure, vibration, temperature),
  • Testing of travel and abrasion by friction,
  • Tests to characterize the dynamic behavior (transfer function, resonance frequency, damping ...) to sinusoidal or high impact inputs,
  • Testing the resistance to mechanical shock (1/2-sinus, TPST…) and bumps (repeated impact)
  • Simulation testing of shipping (see relevant page)

All of the above tests can be performed in controlled temperature and humidity.Vibration test on switchboards

To achieve these vibration tests, Cetim-Cermat is equipped with the following:

  • Qualification vibratoire ; Essais vibratoires

    4 electrodynamic shakers LDS (22 kN to 56 kN)
  • 2 Climatic chambers (-60°C to 180°C and up to 98% RH) of about 1 m3
  • 1 Climate chamber with deported box (-40°C to 140°C),
  • 8-channels shaker controllers,
  • 2x16-channels DAT recorders (SONY, TEAC),
  • 4-channels high-frequency data acquisition system National Instruments
  • 4-channels real-time FFT analyzer,
  • A wide range of accelerometers (3 to 100 mV / g) for measurement mono axial, triaxial and controlled temperature. Dynamic characterization tests and vibration resistance on automotive diesel injection ramps



Deflection testing on automotive fuel pipes under temperature and pressure

Graphique Débattement






Frequency Response Function - characterization of automotive engine component

Graphique réponse frequence

Profile of random vibration loads  

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