We dedicate this page to the problems related to the transportation of goods, which are now more than ever, to be taken seriously, both in the product design and in the packaging.
From the production site to the final sales point, equipment is currently capable of traveling the entire globe via different modes of transportation. Consequently, the later can generate vibration and shock loads to the equipment that are likely to cause significant damages.
Thus, there is a growing number of requests for qualification tests to validate transport holdings of a product in its packaging (sometimes the validation involves the equipment as well as the packaging)

Simulation de transport ; Qualification transport

Cetim-Cermat is able to meet your needs for:

  • The simulation of road transport by random loads,
  • The simulation of air transport (plane, helicopter) or by random stresses "sine-on-random" (sine-noise)
  • Simulation of shipping stresses by sinusoidal
  • The simulation of loading - unloading (dock, terminal) by repeated shocks or free fall.

For many years, the mechanical shock type stresses have been widely used for the simulation of transport.
Then, came the military standards - widely used today, such standards as -GAM EG13 and MIL-STD-810-G, which defines the type of test according to the different modes of transportation.
To overcome some shortcomings related to the use of these standards, we have now standards using profiles solicitations directly obtained from the real environment.

Even if the IEC 60068-2-27 is today’s reference for the impact tests (although the handling of the test is quite demanding), Cetim-Cermat also provides standards based on:

  • ASTM D4169-01 (American Standard), which offers different levels of severity for different types of transport,
  • ISO 13355-2003, which offers a single profile solicitation, based on road measurements of 'good' to 'poor' quality
  • The MIL-STD-810-G and GAM-EG13,
  • All profiles related to an "internal" test procedure

With the different simulation means of transport available to us, these tests can be performed both at 23°C or at controlled temperature and humidity (see page vibration tests).

Simulation de transport ; Qualification transport

Sine-on-Random profile (road transport simulation) based on MIL-STD-810F

Simulation de transport ; Qualification transport

Random profile (road transport simulation) based on ISO 13355-2003

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