mesures-chambre-sourdeAcoustic diagnostic: regulation acoustic measurement

Noise at work: workers’ exposure to noise, workshop sound mapping
Installations rated for Environmental Protection (ICPE) and neighbourhood noise: sound levels and emergence at property boundaries.

Acoustic measurement in anechoic room

  • Determination of the acoustic power of machines (by acoustic pressure level or by dose rate measurement)


  • Fine characterisation of products in free field conditions (narrow band analysis of the octave)

Acoustic diagnostic of a building


  • Technical assistance for prime contracting or contracting
  • Measurements of acoustic insulation between premises or to the outside (air traffic noises and impact noises.


Noise propagation simulation

  • Impact studies (industrial sites, terrestrial infrastructures, others)
  • Sound mapping
  • Development of work premises / Machine enclosures

Regulation vibratory measurement

Regulation measurement: Vibratory exposure of workers Vibratory measurement on machines, predictive maintenance programmes Studies into vibration reduction (diagnostic on sources, solutions for insulation, etc.) ponceuse


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