Measurement and tensile testing, hardness, resilience, flexural

The mechanical test laboratory COFRAC, from Cetim-Cermat, has the experience and equipments necessary for monitoring and implementing tests of mechanical strength.
To meet the needs of our partners, our test laboratory performs mechanical tensile, hardness, resilience, shear, bending and tearing tests.

Tensile test

Cetim-Cermat performs tensile tests on parts and specimens to measure or test the strength of materials. For this, the test laboratory is equipped with universal testing machine capable of applying forces ranging from 0.5 to 600kN.

Hardness test

The hardness of a material is measured by entering the ball or the tip of the barometer (a device used for measuring hardness) into the specimen or test piece.


Resilience test

The mechanical test laboratory of the Cetim-Cermat is equipped with a pendulum of 300J to perform resilience tests.The method consists of make a U or V-shaped notch in the middle of the specimen and the breaking it suddenly with the pendulum.


Bending test

The bending test consists in applying a lateral force on a workpiece which is equipped with a strain gauge. 

Bending test on pipe

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