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Failure analysis - general

All failures on production facilities or manufactured products (breakage, corrosion, wear, etc.) often lead to a loss of time, operation, and possibly penalties for late delivery. Let us note that, in some cases, consequences arise in safety terms


A failure, just like a non-conformance in the Quality field, is a setback from which one can draw an advantage to ensure it does not get repeated. rupture11

Let us take the example of breakages:
Less than 10% of these have the quality of the material as their origin; now, in most cases you just make do with checking the chemical composition or hardness of the said material. Generally, a broken part is considered for discard; now, the part really represents the result of an involuntary "industrial test" on full scale.

Analysis of the failure will allow for a diagnostic of the true causes as well as for the necessary corrective actions to be set up. Failure analysis is now more than ever a profitable investment as it provides a vehicle for progress.

Failure analysis has constituted our core skill for almost 30 years.

Our highly experienced multidisciplinary team is at your service to analyse failures, draw up reliable diagnostics and thus quickly propose relevant solutions.

Failure, just like any non-compliance in the field of quality, is a mistake from which we should learn from and prevent it from recurring.

The analysis of failures will help make a diagnostic, in order to identify the causes of recurring failures, before implementing corrective actions.

vilebrequin1Failure analysis, our strengths:

• An experienced team: over 500 cases treated per year
• Performing and effective technical means (electron microscopy, EDX and WDX probe analysis, chemical analysis and mechanical testing, electrochemistry ...)
• Our multi-skills: Metallurgy & Mechanical (machinery breakdown, failure in transmissions, gears, bearings ...) - Corrosion and surface treatments - Failures of plastics and composites - Wear and deterioration of surfaces
• Interventions for the industry and as well for insurance companies and legal experts for litigation or investigations


Fatigue breakage of a crankshaft

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