Characterisation (chemical analysis of synthetic materials)

The chemical analysis of polymers, composites and elastomers is an essential approach to ensure control over their transformation, and to predict and have knowledge of their behaviour. All our equipment ensures results in accordance with applicable ISO, EN, NF, ASTM, BS, etc. standards.

CETIM-CERMAT proposes a whole range of services centred on chemical analysis:

  • caracterisation-materiaux-synthese-1Analysis by Infrared spectrometry (IRTF)
  • Thermal analyses (ATG-DSC-TMA)
  • Chromatographic methods (ATD/Pyro/GC/MS – GPC)
  • Mechanical tests at high and low temperature
  • Hardness measurements
  • Elementary analyses (EDX – WDX)
  • Water content (Karl Fischer)
  • Rheology (fluidity, viscosity, etc.)

IRTF microscopy : Infrared cartography Identification of very small particles and fibres 


Polymer data sheets

caracterisation-materiaux-synthese-2CETIM-CERMAT has an extensive range of facilities for physical-chemical analysis and characterisation enabling the nature of a polymer to be identified extremely precisely.

Leaving aside intrinsic characteristics, (Tg, Tf, etc.), the performances of a plastic are closely related to the presence of additives especially intended to improve its conditions for implementation and durability.

In order to determine what lies behind commercial names like “heat stabilised”, “UV stabilised”, etc. from an analytical point of view, CETIM-CERMAT offers to characterise your materials in detail to obtain a precise cartography.

GC /MS : Fine characterisation and proportioning of additives (VOC)


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