The qualification of parts intended for car manufacturers' answers to dedicated specifications. CETIM-CERMAT’s vocation is to perform all tests corresponding to the requirements of the various manufacturers: PSA / RENAULT / VAG / MERCEDES / BUGATTI / FORD / OPEL / TOYOTA and so on. automobile

This mainly concerns the following families of tests:

  • Photo-climatic ageing (hot, cold, humidity, UV, thermal shocks, etc.)
  • Corrosion tests
  • Salt spray and alternative salt spray, SO2, Cass test, etc.
  • Mechanical tests (hot and cold impacts, traction, compression, bending, etc.)
  • Friction and abrasion tests.
  • Tests on small parts
  • Combustibility
  • Fogging
  • Vibratory endurance tests (in controlled climatic conditions, combined tests)
    ( see vibratory endurance page )
  • Cycled pressure resistance test
    (also see tailor-made tests)
  • Combined tests
    (also see tailor-made tests)
  • Essais sur mesure



  • SS (Salt Spray), alternative salt spray, Kesternitch testt
  • Climate chambers, thermal shocks
  • CI 3000, Xenotest, weatherometer
  • Vibrating tables with climate chambers
  • Thermal shock chamber
  • Fogging
  • Colorimetry, light cabin
  • Flat combustibility
  • Cycled pressure bench
  • Development of dedicated test benches

Cetim-Cermat laboratory, partner to Bugatti

obtain the list of practical test methods or the detailed list of test facilities please contact us .

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