Interventions on site allow observations, examinations and measurements to be made. They are used when the part absolutely cannot be transported to the laboratory or when it also proves impossible to take a sample.

CETIM-CERMAT is capable of intervening on site and especially to perform the following:


Installation of replicas


Metallographic examination in zones defined in relation to what is being sought. Prior preparation (polishing and chemical etching)


On any type of metallic material


Examples :
Search for abnormal heating
Search for sigma phase in heat-resisting steels
Examination of cracks, determination of their nature

Chemical analysis by spark optical emission spectrometry

Portable device operating on the principle of spark optical emission, equipped with a cylinder of argon to proportion the carbon.
4 precalibrated analysis programs (non alloyed and alloyed steels, nickel bases, aluminium alloys, titanium alloys)

Examples of intervention:
Analysis on a st
intervention-site-lwainless steel chemical reactor to estimate surface carburising
Positive Material Identification (PMI) on steels, stainless steels and aluminium alloys

Hardness, thickness measurements

Hardness measurements
US wall thickness measurements
Foucault current and magnetic induction coating thickness measurements

Examples of intervention:
Thickness measurements on tubes in a cooling system to check progress of corrosion
Thickness measurements on a stainless steel dryer: replacement to be scheduled?
Hardnesses tests are systematically conducted when installing replicas 


Non-destructive inspections:

Dye penetrant inspection, US inspection by magnetic particle inspection
Search for outer or internal defects

Example: crack depth measurement

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