The surface of a material is the location where many interactions with the environment occur. The physicochemical properties of surfaces and interfaces play a decisive role in the overall performance of the materials, viewed from the either the adhesiveness, corrosion, wear,…conditions.
Therefore, Cetim-Cermat is able to answer your questions about:

Analysis and characterization of surfaces and their properties:

  • Surface condition (tearing, tool marks, machining quality, pitting, roughness, matting,. ...)
  • Deterioration mode of the surface (abrasion, adhesion, erosion, cavitation, ...) link to the page “Analysis / Wear and surface deterioration
  • Roughness Profiles of Ra, Rt, Rz, ..- Topography 3D
  • Identification of surface pollutants
  • Testing of surface cleanliness
  • Measurement of surface energy,
  • ...

Analysis and characterization of surface coatings and treatments:

  • Determine the type of surface treatment (coating? Surface treatment?)
  • Nature of the layers (chemical composition, microstructure ,..)
  • Number of layers / sub layers
  • Measurement of coating thickness, or depth of treatment, ...
  • Measurement of hardness
  • Search for undesirable elements
  • Determination of elemental profiles qualitative or quantitative depending on the analysis depth of the sample
  • Determination of the presence or absence of chromium VI (qualitative and quantitative)

Surface analysis, the corrosion resistance of a surface treatment:

If you desire to:

  • test a treatment or surface coating according to standardized or specific tests
  • determine the capacity of a protective coating, ....
  • then Cetim-Cermat is able to perform these tests to simulate and accelerate the corrosion process.

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