Acoustic engineering: Acoustic diagnostic and acoustic measurement

You are subject to various regulations in terms of noise or are seeking to characterise or improve the acoustic performances of a product.
Our acoustics department intervenes in a variety of fields so we can accompany you in solving your noise problems.
Our organisation has French Ministerial certification to conduct regulation measurements, especially measurements on work stations and impact studies on the environment.
Use of portable equipment means our teams can intervene directly on sites and best answer to your needs.

industrielIndustrial acoustic diagnostic

  • Acoustic measurement and analysis: pressure, power and intensity
  • Measurement in anechoic room: Fine characterisation of products with low level of noise
  • Identification of sources of noise and propagation paths
  • Studies for sound-proofing solutions: covers, cages

Acoustic measurements in anechoic room


batimentAcoustics of a workshop and a building

  • Sound-proofing of workshops: protection of workers and the neighbourhood
  • Acoustic comfort of premises: study of acoustic solutions to improve the sound atmosphere in spaces receiving the general public
  • Acoustic insulation between premises for building

Measurement in external environment


Regulation acoustics:

  • mesure-son

    Sound mapping of workshops
  • Noise measurement on work stations: daily sound exposure of workers
  • Evaluation of sound emissions in industrial installations rated for

    environmental protection (French government decision of 23 January 1997)
Acoustic measurement on an industrial site

Hardware resources:

  • materiel

    Precision microphones
  • Brüel & Kjaer 2260 sound level meter analyser of precision class 1
  • Dose rate measurement probe
  • Bruël & Kjaer PULSE 4-channel advanced spectrum analyser
  • Source of acoustic power
  • Dosimeter/Exposure meter
  • Anechoic chamber volume about 44m3
  • Acoustic analysis and prediction software
Usual equipment in acoustics:
sound level meters, source of noise

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